F4E0 Error

Whirlpool Washer F4E0 Error

Troubleshooting and Repair - F4E0 Error Code - WFW75HEFW

The Whirlpool washer F4E0 error code means the washer's heating element is not being detected or working properly. The ACU (main control board) is not reading a rise in the temperature of the water when the heating element is being powered on. This issue can be caused by a wiring issue between the ACU and the heating element or a failed heating element.

The F4E0 error can also occur when there is no hot water being supplied to the washer. Meaning the hot water inlet valve has failed or is failing and is not supplying the proper amount of hot water to the machine when it's filling or you have a problem with your home's hot water supply.

Most models do not have a heater element if your washer does not have a heater then just replace the water inlet valve to fix this error. If your model has a heater check continuity of the heater with an ohmmeter. If the heater has continuity it's good.

This Whirlpool Washer F4E0 error troubleshooting and repair information applies to model WFW75HEFW and all the models listed under the related models section below.

Whirlpool  Washer WFW75HEFW
Questions For Error Code F4E0

F4e0 Code

I’m getting a F4E0 error on my Whirlpool Admiral Top-Load Washer ATW4516MW. What does this error indicate?

You can view that error information, how to  repair it and what parts you need on the following page:

How To Repair F4E0 Error Code On Admiral Top-load Washer Model ATW4516MW

F0e4 Error

I'm writing on behalf of a friend who has a whirlpool 4.7-cu ft high efficiency agitator top load washer model #WTW5105HW She has had this message pop up 3 or 4 times. Washer is 2 years old and just started this, so we know the connectors are correct. Nothing has been changed or moved. Please advise

If you friend keeps getting the F4E0 errror on that model which is a Whirlpool Cabrio washer, then the thermistor that is built into the water inlet valve is bad, so the water inlet valve willl need to be replaced.  The part number for that valve is W11614515. 

F4-e0 Code

I believe my washer is Amanda washer model # NTW4516FW1 is giving me error code F-4 E-0. Is that the heating element code?

The model number washer you gave does not have the F4 E0 error code registered as a possible error on that model, either you are mistaken about the error code or you have not given the correct model number.

Top load Washer Error Code F0E4

I'm getting error code F4-E0 on my Roper washer model number RTW4516F. I only use cold water to wash.

F4E0 is not a error code for the model washer you listed so I am gonna say that you were getting the F0E4 error which is a water temperature error. Considering you are getting that error only using cold water that means the thermistor sensor in the water inlet valve is bad and the inlet valve will need replaced. The valve assembly you need for that model washer can be ordered from the link provided below.



Hello, does this error code, F4-E0, also apply to my Amana he washing machine Model:NTW4516FW? And if so, what part number is the heating element and approximate cost in Calif! Thank you so much for your time. Lindsay in Far Nor Cal

There is not an F4-E0 code for that model so I will go on the assumption that the code you are getting is F0-E4 instead. That code means:


Fault is displayed when washer detects water temperature 105° or higher during rinse cycle.

• Hot water getting in on rinse cycle or the valve is just bad. Make sure inlet hoses are connected correctly.

If the water supply lines are not reversed with cold going to hot and hot going to cold then just replace the water inlet valve.

The valve for that model can be ordered at the link below:

Click here to order valve

The video below shows how to replace the valve, the washer model in the video is not your exact model but it's the same procedure to replace the valve on your model.

Click here to watch video

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