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How To Fix Whirlpool Duet Washer F26 Error

To Fix The Whirlpool Duet Washer F26 Error you will need to replace the door lock assembly. The video on the right shows how to replace the door lock assembly and the part you need to order is linked below this repair information. Keep in mind the replacement part shown on this repair page is only good for washer model WFW9200SQ00 and other related models. If you are unsure if this part will work on your model, use our compatibility check tool at the bottom of the part page.

To replace the door lock assembly, first unplug the washer. Open the washer door and remove the boot seal retainer spring as shown in the video. Then push the boot gasket back out of the way. Remove the three screws mounting the door lock assembly to the washer cabinet. Reach in with your hand and pull the door lock assembly through the opening between the gasket and door frame. Disconnect the wiring harness. Plug the harness into the new lock assembly and mount it back in place. Then reassemble the washer and plug it back in.

The replacement door lock assembly can be ordered from the link below; - Click Here To Order

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I’m Getting A F26 Code But Idk What To Do And What’s Exactly Wrong With My Washer I Have Whirlpool Diet Sport Black

F26 error code how to fix.

That F26 code means the control thinks the door is open. So unplug the washer the open and close the door plug the washer back in and if the error still persists the door lock assembly has failed and will need to be replaced. The door lock you need to order for model WFW9400SB00 is linked below. They offer certified preowned parts and New parts so make sure you pick the one you want from the condition drop-down menu.

The video on the page linked below shows how to change it:

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