F3E2 Error

Whirlpool Washer F3E2 Error

Troubleshooting and Repair - F3E2 Error Code - WFW75HEFW

The Whirlpool washer F3E2 error code is a temperature sensor error.

If the water temperature sensor reading is out of the following range:

14°F to 230°F or 10°C to 110°C

the control will shut down the machine and give you the F3E2 error.

You can check the temperature sensor with an ohm meter to verify the sensor is bad. The correct ohm reading should be between 500-100K ohms, if not the sensor is bad and needs to be replaced.

This Whirlpool Washer F3E2 error troubleshooting and repair information applies to model WFW75HEFW and all the models listed under the related models section below.

Whirlpool  Washer WFW75HEFW
Questions For Error Code F3E2

Whirlpool Wtw5105hw0

What could it be I turn it on first thing it shows Code F3E2, but this code also shows not all the time F0E2

The first code F3E2 is a temperature sensor error and the sensor needs to be replaced. The other error is just suds error so either you are using too much liquid detergent or the water pump is going bad. The temp sensor on that model is built into the water inlet valve so the valve will just have to be replaced to fix it. The valve you need for the model you gave is linked below.


F3e2 Kenmore Model 110.25102310

Cycles wont run and only act like they are. I replaced the main control board before I realized I had a F3E3 error. There was no change after replacing the board, the machine still sits sensing for an hour and then acts like its running through the cycles but never really does anything. I keep getting the same error F3E3 and would love to know how to fix it. Reading the other posted questions has me confused on what part I actually need to fix this error. Appreciate your help!

The F3E3 error is a failure of the temperature sensor / thermistor that is built into the water inlet valve. The entire valve has to be replaced to fix that error. The valve assembly you need for the model you listed is linked below.


Error Code Won't Clear

MHWE200 -Maytag 2000 series in dark gray. F3E2 code, I have unplugged. Emptied drain. Checked that all wires are secure. See no wire harness damage. Changed temp sensor. Nothing will clear this code. It goes to the error code before the water even begins to run. Why???

If you are certain the wiring is good and you installed a brand new temp sensor and still get the error then the board is reporting a false error and the board is bad.

F3e2 Whirlpool Duet Washer

I looked for my whirlpool duet model on this website and the search returns page not found. Model WFW9151YW00 has an F3E2 error code. I believe I need a new water inlet valve assembly. If you think this may be the correct solution, I would like a link to that part and a download link for the service manual for my model please. Thank you for you time and expertise.

The F3E2 error on that model is the same as the other models listed. It's an error that means the temperature sensor is bad or there is a wiring issue between the sensor and the board. Usually, in most cases, you just replace the sensor and that will fix the problem. The sensor you need can be ordered from the link below:


The video linked below shows how to replace it:


F3e2 Error Code On My Maytag Washer.

Model #: MVW6230HW What is the F3E2 error?

The F3E2 error code on the model you listed means there is an inlet water temperature fault and is usually caused by a shorted or open inlet thermistor, which on that model is located inside the water inlet valve. The only thing you can really do for that error is just to replace the water inlet valve on the washer. The upgraded valve you need to order and replace can be ordered from the link below:


Washer Won't Run Cycle

I unplugged my washer (model# wfw9050xw00) mid-cycle because it was shaking hard. The door was locked(which we got to open) but now whenever I try to run any cycle it won't start and gives me the F3E2 error code. Is there something I can do to get it to start or drain?

The only thing you do for that error if it won't reset is to change the temperature sensor. The error code you are getting means the sensor has failed.The sensor you need to order for that model is linked below:


If you would like to test the sensor and have an ohmmeter see page 77 section 5-7 for testing instructions.

Directions to access and replace the sensor are on page 60 section 4-22.

The service manual for your model can be downloaded from the link provided below. 




F3E2 - How do I get the door to open

The F3E2 error code is displaying on my washing machine. But I am unable to get my clothes out before I do repairs. How can I get the door open? I’ve unplugged the machine for 15 to 20 minutes and then plugged it back in but the door remains locked.

The link below gives instructions to manually open the washer door:

Click here for instructions

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