F2E3 Error

Whirlpool Washer F2E3 Error

Troubleshooting and Repair - F2E3 Error Code - WFW75HEFW

The Whirlpool washer F2E3 error code means that the wash cycle the UI (user interface control) is trying to use is not available on the washer.

This means that the ACU (main control board) has malfunctioned or is not compatible for this specific model of washer, or the UI (user interface) is not correct for this model. If you have recently replaced either the user interface board or the main control board you installed the wrong part.

Other Causes of the F2E3 error:

• Faulty or loose wiring connections between the ACU and UI.

Check the wiring harness for continuity.

This Whirlpool Washer F2E3 error troubleshooting and repair information applies to model WFW75HEFW and all the models listed under the related models section below.

Whirlpool  Washer WFW75HEFW
Questions For Error Code F2E3

F2e3 Error Code

Hi, When the trouble first started with my machine it would either fail to start or it would just turn off. If I pick a different cycle it would just shut off, but sometimes I would luck out and it would actually work. Then it started giving error code F3E3. I’m thinking a wire is loose? I had a new mother board, so I put that in but it didn’t help. Thank you model WFW75HEFW0


I would be glad to help you out with this but I will need to know a little more information. When you say new mother board , could you give me the part number of the board you replaced so I can verify it was the correct board associated with the error. Also was the board brand new or used? Please start a new question and reply to these questions at our partner site forum. The link is below:


Thank you.


F2e3 Error On Wtw7000dw0

WTW7000DW0 Cabrio Sometimes the washer will start and fill before the error pops up and sometimes the error pops up as soon as I plug it back in, after having it unplugged for several hours or even overnight. my question is I’m not sure if I need to replace the user interface panel or the control board. How do I know which one is faulty. I cannot seem to find really any information on the F2E3 error code. I have visually inspected both areas and all connections look great and clean.


That error is either a wiring issue between the board and user interface or a faulty user interface. If the wiring is good as you say then replace the user interface. You can order the one you need for that model at the link below.


F2 -E3 error code. Whirlpool model WTW4800BQ1

Whirlpool model WTW4800BQ1 shows F2 - E3 error code.

The F2E3 error means the following on that model means:

Fault is displayed when the Main Control detects an out of range pressure signal. • Check pressure hose connection from tub to pressure sensor. Is hose pinched, kinked, plugged, or leaking air? If the pressure sensor hose is ok you need to replace the main board because the pressure switch on your model is built into the control board. The pressure sensor hose is the hose you see going to the control board down to the side of the tub. The control board you need for that model is linked below:



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