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Whirlpool Duet Washer F28 Error

Troubleshooting and Repair - F28 Error Code - GHW9150PW0

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This Whirlpool Duet Washer F28 error troubleshooting and repair information applies to model GHW9150PW0 and all the models listed under the related models section below.

Whirlpool Duet Washer GHW9150PW0
Questions For Error Code F28

WGD9400SW0 Whirlpool Duet won't heat; error code F28

I have a WGD9400SW0 Whirlpool Duet which shows error code F-28 in diagnostic mode, and which works fine other than it doesn't heat. I've replaced the hi-limit thermostat and thermal fuse and checked to make sure all wires are secure. What should I check next? thanks!

Hello, there is no need to check anything. The F28 error you are getting on your Whirlpool dryer model WGD9400SW0 means the moisture sensor has failed you need to replace the moisture sensor strips. There are two strips it's best to replace both at once. So order two of the strips linked below:


Below is a video that shows how to change them:



f28 error code on whirlpool washer

Washer runs fine after couple loads goes to f28 error reset and runs then same problem could be motor control board?

Unplug all the connections from the motor control board to the central control unit and plug them back in. It may just be a loose connection that is losing contact when the washer moves around a bit. If that does not solve the problem, then replace the motor control unit if the problem persists after that replace the central control unit as there is no way to tell which board is causing the problem. Under warranty, we just replaced both boards. In your case I would recommend if, after checking the wiring connections, you still have issues replace both boards with used boards. You can get the used ones pretty cheap compared to new ones, and considering the age of your washer. You don't want to spend the money on two new boards. You can get the boards used at the link below if you are not sure what part numbers you need just ask them in chat. 


F28 Error Code On Whirlpool Duet Steam Washer

What Does F28 error code on whirlpool duet steam washer mean?

F28 means that your main central control board (CCU) and the motor control board (MCU) are not communicating with one another properly.

You will need to check all the connections at both boards, the mcu is in the bottom of the washer and the ccu is mounted at the top inside of the washer on the right side. Unplug the connections and plug them back on in on both boards. Then try a new cycle if the problem persists you will need to replace one or both boards. Replace the mcu first if that does not correct the problem replace the ccu next.

What causes an intermittent F28 Error

My washer will work fine up until the spin cycle then it stops when I run diagnostics it shows the f28 error. Any ideas on what may be causing this to happen?

Hello William, The problem you are having is likely caused by a loose connection on either the central control unit or the user interface. Check the wiring and make sure all the plugs are seated properly and check for wiring that may be bad.

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