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Whirlpool Duet Washer F24 Error

Troubleshooting and Repair - F24 Error Code - WFW9200SQ00

The F24 error is a water temperature sensor error. It means the water temperature sensor value being sent to the main control board was out of range when the washer was in the part of the cycle that heats the water. This error is most commony caused by a failed water temperature sensor otherwise know as the NTC sensor. The replacement water temperature sensor (NTC) ordering and replacement information be can be found at the link below.

Click Here To See Part Information For The Water Temperature Sensor (NTC)

This Whirlpool Duet Washer F24 error troubleshooting and repair information applies to model WFW9200SQ00 and all the models listed under the related models section below.

Whirlpool Duet Washer WFW9200SQ00
Questions For Error Code F24

Error Code F24

I replaced the NTC for my Whirlpool Front Loader Washer model# WFW9200SQ00. The error code is still coming up. It doesnt matter what water temp setting I have selecteed. Does this model have a heater? Also I tried to reset the washer in hopes that this would fix the error code. I can not tell if the reset is successful. what are your recommendations at this point?

Yes that model does have a heater and considering you replaced the NTC already and still have the error you just need to replace the heater now. The heater you need for the model you gave is linked below.


Error F24

My whirlpool Mod. #WFW940SW01 front load washer is getting the f24 error code. I replaced the water sensor but its still not working. Keeps saying error code f24. What else can I do?

Your model has a heater element on it and when you have the heater the F24 error is either a bad heater or a bad sensor since you replace the sensor it would be the element that is causing that error now. You need to replace the heater. The heater you need for that model is linked below:


F24 Code

Whirlpool duet washer front load model WFW9550WW00 . Shows error code F24 so we replaced the sensor and it only works on cold water setting. Does this model have a heater and where would that be located? Thanks

Yes that model does have a heater. The heater is mounted exactly the same spot as where you changed the sensor. You will see the heater bracket and bolts on either side.

Water Sensor

My whirlpool front load washer is getting the f24 error code. I replaced the water sensor but its still not working. Keeps saying error code f24. What else can I do? Or do I need to replace the water sensor? Thank you Laura

It really depends on the model some models have a heater some don't. If you have a heater it could be the heater causing the error. If your model does not have a heater then odds are you have a bad wire from the sensor to the control.

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