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Whirlpool Duet Dryer F22 Error

Troubleshooting and Repair - F22 Error Code - WED8300SW0

The F22 error for this dryer model means the exhaust thermistor is open. The main control board on the dryer monitors the exhaust temperature using the exhaust thermistor, and turns the heating element on and off to maintain the desired temperature. If you keep getting the F22 error code then thermistor needs to be replaced.

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This Whirlpool Duet Dryer F22 error troubleshooting and repair information applies to model WED8300SW0 and all the models listed under the related models section below.

Whirlpool Duet Dryer WED8300SW0
Questions For Error Code F22

Whirpool Dryer Wed6400sw0 F22 Error

My dryer shows an F22. It runs for several minutes starting to get warm before shutting down and displaying the F22 error. It works this way in all HEAT cycles. But in the AIR ONLY selection the dryer runs through the entire timed operation and turns off normally. Thank you George

You will need to replace the thermistor on the dryer. The part you need can be ordered from the link provided below.


For more information on this error please see the page linked below. The information provided also covers your model.


Error code F22 and F24

I have the whirlpool Cabrio dryer model WGD6400SW1 that heats up for about three min. then blows cool. I’ll set the time at 40 min it warm to about 36 min. then cools off the time will jumps from 36 min to 16 min. then to five min. before counting down and turning off. I replaced the exhaust thermistor and tested it with a multimeter tested fine still showing with diagnostic test F22 and F24. What can be the problem?

Seeing as there is not a designated F24 error on that model and you changed the thermistor and still get the F22 error and I assume you have verified the wiring is ok you need to replace the main control on the dryer because it's bad. The board you need for that model can be ordered from the link below:


Whirlpool duet dryer F22 code

I first had an F01 code, I then replaced the main board- after that it would run for one minute- heat up , then stop with a F22 code. I then replaced the thermistor and fuse. I am still getting the same result- runs for one minute,the heating elements get bright red and then machine stops and shows F22 code????? what am I missing??


I have seen that before and unfortunately, that means there is a short in the wiring harness and you will need to replace the wiring harness on the machine. 

control board

model YWED9400SW2 Please give me the part number of the control board Thanks

The control board you need for that model can be ordered from Amazon at the link below:

Click here to order control board

Cabrio f22 error

The f22 is intermittent. It will work sometimes until the cloths are dry and then sometime the error comes on and sometimes not.

Check your wiring in the heating circuit from the control through all the thermostats/fuses and through the heating element. If all the wiring and connections look good, replace the thermistor, if the problem continues after that replace the main control.

My Whirlpool Model WED9400SW0 is giving a F 22 error code after running perfectly for 1 minute???? I replaced the Thermistor the Thermal Fuse, and the relay on the control board and thoroughly cleaned the entire machine of lint but still F 22? I even blew cleaned the engine & heating element of lint?

My Whirlpool Model WED9400SW0 is giving a F 22 error code after running perfectly for 1 minute???? I replaced the Thermistor the Thermal Fuse, and the relay on the control board and thoroughly cleaned the entire machine of lint but still F 22? I even blew cleaned the engine & heating element of lint?

If the wiring from the thermistor to the control checks out and has continuity and its not grounded anywhere and the thermistor is new, replace the control board, quit trying to repair it yourself and safe yourself some grief and just buy the new board.

Error F22 showing after running 1 minute and 3 seconds, what causes this problem for this Model WED9610XW0? Whirlpool Dryer front door.

Error F22 showing after running 1 minute and 3 seconds. What causes this problems for my Whirlpool dryer front door type? The Model# WED9610XW0......

The F22 error is the same for that dryer as other whirlpool dryer models, it means the control has dectected  that the outlet thermistor is open, which means it's bad. The replacement thermistor for your model is linked below.


Can You Give Me A Part Number For Model # WED8300SW0

I need the part number for the control board for a Whirlpool dryer model number WED8300SW0. Thanks, Peter.

Hello Peter,

The part number for the electronic control for dryer model WED8300SW0 is W10050520 or substitution number WPW10111606. It can be purchased at Amazon from the link below.

Click Here To Order Part# W10050520

Should I replace the control board?

I replaced the thermistor , the wiring ohms out fine from the control to the thermistor and I am still getting the f22 code should I change the control board?

Yes if you replaced the thermistor and you are certain the wiring is good then ya the control would be at fault.

Is the F22 and F23 error the same thing?

I was just wondering if the f22 and f23 error were the same problem?

Basically yes they are the same, the difference is with one the thermistor circuit is open (f22) and the other the (f23) is shorted. Just follow the repair instructions for the F23 error for either error.

Does a bad thermistor cause the dryer not to heat?

My dryer keeps giving the f22 code but before that my dryer would not heat, can this be a bad heating element or this was it a bad thermistor causing the problem the entire time.

Hi Randy, The thermistor can certainly cause the dryer to not heat, but if it was not heating before it was giving the f22 code you may have multiple issues. There are a lot of different parts in the dryer's heating circuit that can cause it not to heat. The heating element, high limit thermostat, thermistor, control board, centrifugal switch on the motor. The parts in the heating circuit will just have to be tested with an ohm/volt meter to figure it out.

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