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How To Replace Exhaust Thermistor And Fix The F23 Error On A Whirlpool Duet Dryer

Whirlpool Duet Dryer F23 Error Repair - Instructions to replace the exhaust thermistor

To repair the F23 error on Whirlpool Duet dryer models you will first want to check the wiring at the thermistor for any loose connections or damaged wiring. If the wiring is good then you will most likely need to buy and replace the exhaust thermistor. Before replacing the thermistor reset the main electronic control board by unplugging the dryer for a minute and plugging it back it. If after 60 seconds the F23 error flashes in the display you will want to go ahead with the repair. 

The thermistor is on the blower wheel housing close to the thermal fuse so you will need to remove the lower access panel on the front bottom of the dryer. Once you have the access panel off you then need to remove the lint filter duct housing. Now you have access to the exhaust thermistor, look on the blower wheel housing at the top, you will see two components mounted there. The left one is the thermal fuse and the one on the right is the thermistor. Unplug the wires from the thermistor and remove the screws mounting it to the housing and pull it out. Now install the new thermistor and reassemble the dryer.

If you would rather watch the repair on video the one on the right will walk you through the repair process. The model dryer being repaired in the video may not be your exact dryer but if it's a Duet Style Dryer then the instructions will also apply to your dryer as well.

The replacement thermistor is linked below:

Questions Concerning This Repair

I replaced the thermistor and I still get the F23 error. What Now?

I tested the thermistor following the instructions listed under the F23 error and it tested ok but was still getting the F23 error so I just installed a new one anyhow and I am still getting the error, what do I check now?

You need to ohm the wiring from the thermistor to the control board if both wires have continuity all the way to the board and the thermistor is closed (has continuity) the control is bad.

E1 code

My dryer runs fine but shuts off with a E1 code. Restart and may run till finished or may run for 2-30 minutes. What could be my issue.

The thermistor is causing that issue, replace it and it will be fine. You can order it from the link below:

Click Here To Order Thermistor

The video below shows how to change it:

Click Here To Watch Video

F23 fault code

Whirlpool Sport Duet Electric Dryer Model YWED8500SR2 After getting F23 code we replaced the thermal fuse #WP3392519. Dryer ran but would not regulate the heat. Put in a new thermistor # WP8577274 in but removed the fuse so it would not blow again & need replacing. We just jump the fuse. We still get an F23 code. What else could be wrong. Is it the control panel that need replacing?


Yes if you have replaced the thermistor and still get the F23 error and the wiring from the thermistor to the control is good then the board has to be replaced the board is expensive. The board for your model is linked below:

Click Here For Control Board Information

There is an alternative to buying an entirely new board that is much cheaper, but you will need to know how to solder and have soldering tools to make the repair. The kit linked below comes with the relays and components for the f01 that also can cause the false error you are getting on the board but it does not always fix them, up to you if you want to try or not.

Click Here For Repair Kit Information

Dryer Getting To Hot Even On Air Dry

Model MEDE300VW0 Maytag dryer Dryer fuse was burnt so replace fuse and exhaust thermistor because had code f23 and checked heater for shorted out against housing and was ok .and vent was clean. Dryer gets hot on air dry and gets real hot when drying. And could I get part no. for what you think it could be. THANKS!!

It sounds like the heater relay on the main control is stuck which has the heater on at all times not allowing it to cycle. The main control will have to be replaced. The control you need is for that model is linked below:

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