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How To Fix Frigidaire Range F10 Error Code

How To Troubleshoot And Fix Frigidaire Range F10 Error

To fix Frigidaire range F10 error you will need to do a little troubleshooting first. There are three things that can cause the f10 error code, a bad temperature sensor, a bad electronic control board or bad wiring between the two. So the first thing you want to do is test the temperature sensor. The temperature sensor is the probe you see sticking out of the back wall of the oven. It's either mounted to the back wall of the oven with two screws holding it in place or its mounted on the back side of the oven.

Frigidaire Range Temperature Sensor Location For F10 Error Code Repair

Open the oven door and if you do not see two screws right beside the probe then yours is mounted on the back side of the range. If you don't see it directly on the back of the range as shown in the picture above, then take the back access panel off and look on the right side and you will see it mounted there. 

Unplug the sensor from the wiring harness, and use a ohm meter to test the resistance of the sensor, it should around 1100 ohms at room temperature, if it's not close then its bad and that is causing the error. The replacement sensor is linked below:

If the sensor is good then use your meter to ohm the wiring from the sensor connection to the main control board, if the wiring is bad, fix or replace the bad wire and that will take care of the error. If the wiring is good the main board has failed.

To replace the control, remove the console access panel at the back of the console. There are just a few screws holding it in place. Once you have the cover off you will see the back of the control, it will be mounted to the console with a few more screws, remove those and unplug the wires, remove the old board and install the new one. Make sure to take a picture of the back of the board before unplugging the wiring so you know how the wires go back. The replacement board is linked below:.

How To Fix Frigidaire Range F10 Error Code
Questions Concerning This Repair

F10 Frigidaire oven

We have a Frigidaire oven that is separate from our glass stove top. Our oven is showing the FT in error code whenever my wife cook something. I can turn off the breaker to the oven and cut it right back on and it clears the error. I Google searched it and watch some YouTube videos and i pull the front off of the oven to reveal the back of the circuitboard control board. I ohmed the wires to the temperature sensor in the back of the harness of the circuitboard because when I pulled the temperature probe out of the oven and disconnected it, I don’t have small enough needles on my voltmeter to stick down in the holes of the temperature sensor harness connector. So I can’t single out just the temp probe. Can you tell me what a temp sensor would cost for Model # FEB30S5DCC Ser # NF62028311 Thanks for your help Vince

Hello Vince,

The temperature sensor part number for model # FEB30S5DCC is Part #: 316217002. It runs around 22.00 for a new one. It can be ordered from the link below:

Click Here To Order The Temperature Sensor

Frigidaire model # FGF366EQC Control Board

What is the number of the replacement Control Board Panel I need for my Frigidaire Model #FGF366EQC Thank You

The control board you need to order for Frigidaire Range Model FGF36EQC  is linked below.

Click Here For Part & Ordering Information



790.92803016 got f10 error code, checked sensor probe 1100 ohms, so replaced oven control board still get error code

Ohm the wiring from the board to the sensor and make sure it has continuity ( a closed circuit)  if it's good check the connectors on both ends make sure it's connected good. If so and you are certain you have 1100 ohms or close at room temp on the sensor, you got a faulty control board wherever you got it from. 

Replacing the wiring

Hi, I have experienced a F10 error code and would like to replace the wiring. Where can I buy the new wiring connecting to the Resistance Control Sensor? Thanking you in advance for your assistance. Regards, Nathalie Morin

I will need the full model number of the range to give you that information. Just post a new question including the full model number, thanks.

Replacing the wiring

Frigidaire Model FFE3054TSE Hi, where can I buy a new wire linking to the resistance temperature sensor? Thank you for your assistance. Nathalie Morin

Unfortunatley I could not find any information for the model number you provided. Double check that model number and give us the correct model number if it's not correct. If it is correct then I am sorry I will not be able to help you with this issue.

Seem to need new control board for Frigidaire Range Model FES365EQB

Model # FES365EQB, glass top slide in range/oven. Getting F10 error code. Temperature probe and wiring check out ok. Can you provide the part number? Thanks.

The control board you need to order for Frigidaire Range Model # FES365EQB can be ordered from Amazon at the link below:

Click here to order control board

Frigidaire model # LGEF3045KFJ

Looking for the control board part# for this model

The control board you need to order for that model can be ordered from Amazon at the link below:

Click here to order control board

Looking for correct part# for control board

Can you please tell me the correct control board part number for Frigidaire free standing range model# CFEF3048LSG

The control board for  Frigidaire range model# CFEF3048LSG can be ordered from the link below:

Click Here To Order Control Board

Need Parts

FRIGIDARE MODEL # FFGF3049LSD Getting F10 error not the sensor Need part for the main board

The control board for model FFGF3049LSD can be ordered from the amazon link below:

Click Here To Order Control Board

F10 Error

Frigidaire model #: FFGF3047LSH Replaced temp sensor, but do not have a way to check circuits. When turned on, the control pad just beeps and gives F10 error code.

Hello,Ok so if you have replaced the temperature sensor and still get the F10 error code on your Frigidaire range model  FFGF3047LSH there is no other testing needed because we know from process of elimination that the board is the problem. You need to replace the main control on the range. You can order The control board for your model at the link below. I have verified it is the correct board for your model.

Bottom Element Will Not Turn Off. Stove Keeps Showing F10.

Model # CFEF370GS1

The problem you are having is caused by a stuck relay on the main control board the control will need to be replaced. The part number you need is 318185720. You may find it on ebay or amazon or you can just google that part number and you will find plenty of places to order it from online.

F10 Error Code

I changed my temperature sensor probe on my electric stove model # FGEF3055KFG. Now I'm getting the same error code and the oven is cooking way to high and extremely hot! Please help or advise...

If you replaced the temperature sensor already the main control is bad, the part number you need is 5304495520.

Temperature Probe For Frigidaire Lgef3045kfb


The Temperature Sensor you need for that model is linked below:

Why Do I Have To Order Overlay Also If The Control Board Is The Issue?

Getting F10 code in my gas range, replace the new sensor probe, plugged it back in, the it says 12:00 then about 2 min later it goes back to F10, so next ordering the oven control board, part number says 316455520 rev 007, ES 100/105, but why do I have to order overlay also?

The new control board does not come with the overlay, you may be able to remove the old overlay and reuse it but sometimes they tear up when you try to remove it from the old board. 

Frigidaire F10 Code

I get an F10 code at any time during the day. Sometimes in the middle of cooking, sometimes after I’ve already turned off the oven, and sometimes randomly in the middle of the night when the oven is room temp. I never have to flip a breaker, just hit the cancel button (turn the oven off), and if I’m in the middle of baking, then just turn it back on to the temp I’m baking at, or turn the broiler back on. I haven’t tested yet to see if the problem is the probe, the wiring, or the panel, but I’m thinking maybe the probe since it can happen even when the oven is off and at room temp. I also have a separate oven thermometer that I keep in my oven, and it’s actually never overheated. As a matter of fact, it generally runs lower than the set temp. And the higher it’s set, the less accurate it is. My oven goes up to 550 degrees, I have to set it all the way to the upper limit to get a temp of 450 in the oven, so I can never bake higher than that. At lower temps, the variance isn’t as bad, like setting it to 400 to get 350, or setting it to 350 to get 325.Any guidance you can give with the info provided? Also, my model# is FES365ECE, if you could provide me with the correct part number I may need based on all this info. Thanks


From the information, you have given it can be easily concluded that the f10 error is being caused by the main control board. This comes from the fact the error is coming up even when the oven is not in use which means it would be impossible that the temperature sensor is causing the problem because when the oven is not in use the control is not reading the resistance of the sensor so there is no way the sensor can be causing the error. The control board you need for the model you have listed can be ordered at the URL linked below:


Model Number CGEF3031KWA Today, I was cooking at the temperature of 350 degrees. It seemed to get extremely hot and then F10 flashed repeatedly. I unplugged the stove and reset it to continue but after one half hour the F10 came on again. After reading these examples is it the sensor or the sensor board? What seems to be the problem? Am I able to repair it myself? Thank you

In most cases  it's the temperature sensor that fixes that error. The sensor you need for that model can be ordered at the link below:

The video linked below shows how to replace the sensor:

I am sure you can replace it yourself, it's fairly easy.

Sparks And Smoke

I’ve been hearing a hum come from my fridgidaire model #LGEF3043KFM for a few months now. I passed it off as the light being blown. Then this morning when baking all of the sudden I got a F10 code and I saw sparks and then smoke came from where the control board is located. The F10 kept flashing and I flipped the breaker. I waited a while and just now flipped it back on and everything seems to cut on. I haven’t actually tried to heat anything up to temperature. What would be the correct temperature sensor and control board for this model? And what could have happened?

It sounds to me like one the relay blew on the board either the bake or broil relay. At any rate you definiltey need to replace the board, I doubt the sensor was damaged but I will link both parts below.

Temp Sensor:

Control Board:

F 10 Error Code

I get a F10 code when I cook at high temps or after cleaning the oven. I checked the probe and get right at 1100 ohms. When I disconnected the cord to the control panel I go no reading, how do I know if it is my wiring that is bad or the control board? Frigidaire FEF364DS

If the temp sensor is reading 1100ohms then it's good the only thing that can be causing the f10 error is the control board. Just double check the connection where the temp sensor plugs in to the board and make sure it's secure other than that the board will need to be replaced. The board you need for the model you gave is linked below.

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