Whirlpool Dryer Control Board WPW10111606

Whirlpool Dryer Control Board WPW10111606

Part# WPW10111606
Whirlpool Dryer Control Board WPW10111606 controls the operation and heating of the dryer cycle. Its located mounted under a cover panel on the left front inside of the dryer, you will need to remove the dryer top to access it. You may need to replace the control board if the dryer is not heating, if the dryer has no power or the dryer is giving the F01 error code.

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Whirlpool Dryer Control Board WPW10111606
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F01 error and dryer control board for model WGD8300SW0

We have a Duet Sport Whirlpool dryers, Model WGD8300SWO, Serial # MU0402869, Type BHZNNAT1206006EL20,front loader that has a F01 error message. The fuse isn't blown. Is this control board the right part? Thanks for your time.

Yes you would need to replace the main control board for that error. The replacement board for that model can be ordered from Amazon at the link provided below:

Click Here To Order Control Board

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