F10 Error

Frigidaire Gallery Range F10 Error

Troubleshooting and Repair - F10 Error Code - FPCS3085LFB

The Frigidaire Gallery Range F10 Error is a over heating fault. It means the oven is going above the set temperature and is not cycling properly. This error is normally caused by a failed RTD Sensor (Temperature Sensor). The F10 error can also be caused a failed main control or a wiring issue between the two.

Check the wiring for loose connections or damaged wires. If the wiring looks ok check the temperature sensor. The temperature sensor should be roughly 1100 ohms at room temperature if not the sensor is bad. If the senor checks good replace the main control.

Parts you may need to fix the F10 error

Frigidaire Gallery Range Electronic Control Board (EOC)

Frigidaire Gallery Range Temperature Sensor | RTD Sensor

This Frigidaire Gallery Range F10 error troubleshooting and repair information applies to model FPCS3085LFB and all the models listed under the related models section below.

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How To Access And Replace Electronic Oven Control EOC On A Frigidaire Gallery Slide In Range

Frigidaire Gallery Range FPCS3085LFB
Questions For Error Code F10

F10 Error

I’ve replaced the sensor as it was out of range using a multimeter. If replacing the electronic control board doesn’t fix the error, how do I check the wiring to confirm it’s good?

Depends on the model. On most ranges the wire goes diretly from the sensor to the board so replacing the sensor would solve any wiring issues. If the sensor wire plugs into another wire before gettting to the board then you would check continuity on the wire the sensor plugs in to, between where the sensor plugs in and the board.

F10 Error

all of a sudden today, there is a f10 error on my gas rangeffgf3047lsj, serial no: vf70520941. pressing cancel did not remove the f10. Had to unplug. I can still use the gas range with the burners with the noise. Question, if i unplug it, for the time being can I use the matches to light the burners, till it gets fixed. How expensive are the repairs for f10 , and maybe a new range would be cheaper. the range is about 4 yrs. old. thank you, Eva. pls send the message to my email also.

The F10 Error on your Frigidaire Gas Range is most commonly caused by a bad temperature sensor. The sensor is the probe you see protruding out of the back wall inside the oven. It's easy to replace, you just remove the back panel off the range and you will see where the sensor is mounted. There are two screws holding it in place just remove those, unplug the sensor and it slides out of the back of the range to you. Then you just install the new one in the same manner. Make sure to unplug the range. The sensor you need can be ordered from the link provided below.

Click here to order the temperature sensor for Frigidaire Model Number ffgf3047lsj

F10 Error Code

I have replaced the control board and the temp sensor on the my frigidaire gas stove and it is still giving F10 error code

If you have replaced both the sensor and control board and you stll get the f10 error then you there is a wiring issue between the board and the sensor.



The sensor you will need for your model is linked below:


The sensor should be roughly 1100 ohms at room temperature, if not it's bad. If the sensor is good the board is bad. The board for you model is linked below just in case:


F10 error

Our oven overheated and after it cooled down still displays f10 error it is a free standing Frigidaire model ffef3048lsm. Serial vt33155018 60 ha. How do we fix this

If you have an ohm meter and know how to use it, disconnect the temperature sensor (the probe you see protruding out of the back wall of the oven) and check the resistance it should be roughly 1100ohms at room temperature, if not its bad and needs to be replaced. If the sensor is good replace the main control board. If you don't have a meter the most common problem that causes the F10 error is the temp sensor just replace it. If that don't fix it then order and replace the control board. The parts for your model are linked below.

Click  Here To See Part And Ordering Information For The Temperature Sensor

Click Here To See Part And Ordering Information For The Control Board

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