E14 Error

Frigidaire Gallery Range E14 Error

Troubleshooting and Repair - E14 Error Code - FPCS3085LFB

The Frigidaire Gallery Range E14 Error means the user interface panel cable is missing or disconnected.

Check all the cables between the rotary control boards and the user interface board (UIB) and make sure the connections are tight and the cables are not damaged. Check the cables between the rotary board and pilot lamps and make sure all of them are connected properly.

If all the cables and connections look good replace the user interface board (UIB), if the problem persists afterwards also replace the rotary board.

To access the components listed above you will need to remove the control console on the range. The page linked below has instructions for doing that.

Click Here For Instructions To Remove The Control Console

The parts you may need to repair the E14 error are listed below.

Click Here For Part Information For The UIB Board

Click Here For Part Information For The Rotary Board

This Frigidaire Gallery Range E14 error troubleshooting and repair information applies to model FPCS3085LFB and all the models listed under the related models section below.

Frigidaire Gallery Range FPCS3085LFB
Questions For Error Code E14

E0 14 Error Frigidaire Professional Range

Thanks for having this page. During the night the stove started to beep and showed EO and 14 respectively in two LED windows above the knobs. We checked the flat cables on the end of the controller but the issue the issue persist. This is slide-in Frigidaire stove Professional.

Since you have checked the cables and they check out ok you need to start by replace the UIB (User Interface Control Board) The part number for that model is Range Oven Control Board Part Number, 316442062. It can be ordered at amazon from the link below.

Click Here For UIB Part and Ordering Information

If the problem persists after replacing the UIB board then you will need to replace the rotary control board which can be ordered from amazon as well.

Click Here For Rotary Control Board Part and Ordering Information

If you just want to be sure it's fixed the first time around just order and replace both boards at the same time. Instructions to replace them can be found on the page linked below.

To replace the boards you will need to access and remove the control console. The instructions for doing that can be found at the page linked below.

Click Here For Instructions To Remove The Control Console.

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