E014 Error

Frigidaire Gallery Range E014 Error

Troubleshooting and Repair - E014 Error Code - FPCS3085LFB

The Frigidaire Gallery Range E014 Error means the user interface panel cable is missing or disconnected.

Check all the cables between the rotary control boards and the user interface board (UIB) and make sure the connections are tight and the cables are not damaged. Check the cables between the rotary board and pilot lamps and make sure all of them are connected properly.

If all the cables and connections look good replace the user interface board (UIB), if the E014 error persists afterwards also replace the rotary board.

To access the components listed above you will need to remove the control console on the range. The page linked below has instructions for doing that.

Click Here For Instructions To Remove The Control Console

The parts you may need to repair the E014 error are listed below.

Click Here For Part Information For The UIB Board

Click Here For Part Information For The Rotary Board

This Frigidaire Gallery Range E014 error troubleshooting and repair information applies to model FPCS3085LFB and all the models listed under the related models section below.

Frigidaire Gallery Range FPCS3085LFB
Questions For Error Code E014

E032 Error On Frigidaire Range Model Number FPCS3085LFB

What does the E032 Error Code Mean For Model FPCS3085LFB

The E032 Error Code For Frigidaire Range Model FPCS3085LFB means that voltage on the service section is to low. 

12V on the service section to low (relay board).

1) Verify harness between Induction Generator Housing && Relay Board.

2) Change the Relay Board.

3) Replace the Induction Generator Housing.

All the parts for your model can be found at the link below:


Error Code E014

I have Frigidaire Gallery Range Model FGES3065KFA . Its continuously beeping and showing E014 i checked the UIB all cable are connecting good. cooktop its not getting hot oven is working fine. in cooktop warm place is working nothing else is working. which part do you think i need to change to fix my range ?


You need to replace the UIB Board first. That is the most common part that causes the problems you are having, if that does not fix it then you will also need to replace the rotary board. Both boards for your model are linked below they are different parts from the ones linked on the site already:

UIB (User Interface Board) https://prismparts.com/products/user-interface-board-uib-for-frigidaire-professional-range-pp5713544

Rotary Board https://prismparts.com/products/frigidaire-gallery-range-esec-electronic-surface-element-control-rotary-interface-board-pp3419544




stove beeps FGES3065KWA

The EO14, E014, E14 are all the same code follow the information provided on the page linked below:

Information For The EO14 Error

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